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SACE 1 Year 11

Psychology 1st Edition

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First Edition
Year 11 Publication
ISBN: 978-1-925505-54-2
  • Innika Ackerley 
  • Deb Green 
  • Tam Hood 
  • Lauren Scarfe 

The Essentials Workbooks are designed to support the teaching of SACE Stage 1 and 2 subjects in South Australia. The SACE 1 Psychology Workbook is designed to meet the new Subject Outline requirements of the SACE Stage 1 Psychology course.

Developed to align with the new SACE 1 Psychology Subject Outline, this full-colour workbook brings together the conceptual theory with questions, student activities, links to digital resources, further reading and video explanations into one. Written by highly experienced SACE teachers, this new resource also features a diverse range of student activities, including quizzes, word searches and tasks that build upon and extend on SIS skills in each topic.

Included are sample Investigation tasks for Science as Human Endeavour and Deconstruct and Design tasks as well as ideas for School Assessed Tasks throughout each topic.

This resource comes with complimentary digital access. The digital access code can be found on the inside front cover of the book, along with instructions on how to activate your digital access.


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Topic 1: Cognitive Psychology

  • Topic 2: Neuropsychology

  • Topic 3: Lifespan Psychology

  • Topic 4: Emotion

  • Topic 5: Psychological Wellbeing