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SACE 1 Year 11

Legal Studies 1st Edition

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First Edition
Year 11 Publication
ISBN: 978-1-925505-36-8
  • Jane Ratsch-Jenke 

The Essentials Workbooks and Key Ideas Textbooks are designed to support the teaching of SACE Stage 1 and 2 subjects in South Australia.

The SACE 1 Legal Studies Workbook 1st Edition is a new product for 2021 which covers the updated SACE Subject Outline for Legal Studies. The semester-based workbook will be a comprehensive guide to tackling the updated course with a practical approach to conceptual theory, questions, sources and activities.

The SACE 1 Legal Studies Workbook has been structured as a one-semester teaching resource for SACE Stage 1 Legal Studies. Chapter One – Law and Communities is a compulsory focus area. An additional two option focus areas should be covered in a semester. A choice of four option topics have been provided in this book, however, there are a broad range of topics which could alternatively be developed and taught.

This workbook aims to provide a variety of content and learning activities to suit a range of student learning styles which can be present in the classroom. Each chapter contains a variety of online resources/clips supporting the written content, discussion points, collaborative activities, research activities and review activities.

The SACE 1 Legal Studies Workbook 1st Edition also includes complimentary digital platform access.



Table of Contents

  • Topic 1: Law and Communities
    Rules and Laws
    Rights and Responsibilities in Australian Society
    Historical Influences on Laws
    Background to the Australian Legal System
    Institutions of Government
    Rule of Law
    What influences our Laws?
    Change and our Laws
  • Topic 2: Government
    Structure of Australian Government
    The Australian Constitution
    Elections – Federal
    Division of Powers
    Separation of Powers
    Constitutional Monarchy
    Governance and Civic Participation
  • Topic 3: Law-making
    Who initiates laws?
    Bills and Acts
    Law-making processes and procedures
    – Legislative branch
    – Executive branch
    – Judicial branch
    Supervision of Case Law
    Changing values that impact on Law-making
    International influences of Law-making
  • Topic 4: Justice and Society
    Court Hierarchy
    Adversary System of Trial
    Role of Juries
    Criminal Justice System
    Civil Justice System
    Access to Justice
  • Topic 5: Victims and the Law
    Victims and Victimology
    Victimless Crimes
    Victims Rights and Support
    Victims and the Criminal Justice System
    Victims Register
    Victim Compensation
    Commissioner of Victims’ Rights
  • Topic 6: Assessment Advice
    Assessment Type 1 – Analytical response
    Assessment Type 2 – Inquiry
    Assessment Type 3 – Presentation
    SACE Legal Studies Performance Standards