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SACE 1 Year 11

Economics Workbook

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First Edition
Year 11 Publication
ISBN: 978-1-925505-38-2
  • Dianne Averis 

Our new Workbook for SACE 1 Economics is specifically written to the SACE1 Economics Subject Outline standards. A huge array of activities and a user-friendly approach make this workbook a useful tool for SACE1 Economics students and teachers.

Features for this edition include:

  • The workbook begins with hints on reading and analysing data, relevant activities appearing throughout
  • Guided notes and activities are provided for every scenario outlined in the Subject Outline
  • Two elective scenarios are included – Global Poverty and COVID-19
  • Links to various online resources are provided throughout
  • Guideline answers are provided where appropriate

The SACE1 Economics Workbook 1st Edition also includes complimentary digital platform access via an activation code printed on the inside front cover of the book.

Table of Contents

  • Section: Using and Analysing Data
    • Constructing tables
    • Construcing graphs
  • Section: Economic Decision Making
    • The production possibility model
  • Section: Markets in action
    • Demand
    • Supply
    • Equilibrium
    • Market failure
  • Section: Government Involvement in the Economy
    • The market economy
    • The circular flow model
  • Section: Trade in a Global Economy
    • Protection
    • Globilisation
  • Section: Elective Scenario: Global Poverty
  • Section: Elective Scenario: COVID-19 and the economy
  • Guideline Answers