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SACE 2 Year 12

Modern History 2nd Edition

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Second Edition
Year 12 Publication
ISBN: 978-1-925505-32-0
  • Daryl Best 

This new edition of the Modern History Essentials Workbook has been restructured for ease of use. Additions include analysis of past exam questions for Topic 3 (Germany) and Topic 4 (Soviet Union & Russia), as well as updated suggested answers for Sources Analysis (Roaring Twenties and the Hippie Movement).

The Modern History Essentials Workbook is a comprehensive guide for students taking SACE Stage 2 Modern History. The Modern History Workbook has been written to follow the SACE Subject Outline and the integration of the Australian Curriculum.

The book covers three sections:

  • History writing and exam techniques: Learn how to analyse essay questions and craft responses that satisfy the SACE Performance Standards. Includes analysis of the 2018 exam.
  • Sources Analysis: Understand the value and types of sources, then apply this knowledge to the many practice exercises in the workbook.
  • Course topics: Read detailed overviews of the key study areas, and support your learning by answering questions designed to encourage critical thinking.

The topics addressed in this workbook are:

  • Topic 3 (Germany)
  • Topic 4 (Soviet Union & Russia)
  • Topic 6 (China)
  • Topic 7 (Changing World Order)
  • Topic 9 (National Self-determination in South-East Asia), with Vietnam and Cambodia as focus studies.

Written by subject expert Daryl Best, the workbook promises to be a most useful tool for any student taking SACE 2 Modern History.

The SACE 2 Modern History Workbook 2nd Edition also includes complimentary digital platform access.


Table of Contents

  • Section 1 – History writing and exams
    • Tips for studying History
    • Assessment: standards and styles
    • Types of essay questions
    • Interpreting essay questions
      • Analysis of the 2018 exam
    • How to write a successful essay
    • How to do your Historical Study
  • Section 2 – Sources Analysis
    • Introduction to Sources Analysis
    • Types of sources
    • Sources: their usefulness and limitations
    • How to answer Sources Analysis questions
    • Sources Analysis exemplar
    • Your turn to try Sources Analysis (six practice papers)
  • Section 3 – Topics
    • Germany (1918–48)
      • Background study: The aftermath of defeat (1918–19)
      • Focus area: the liberal experiment
      • Focus area: the road to dictatorship
      • Focus area: the Nazi State in peace and war
    • The Soviet Union and Russia (1945–c.2004)
      • Background study
      • Focus area: the search for a Communist ‘solution’ (1945–85)
      • Focus area: collapse of the Soviet Union (1985–91)
      • Focus area: the search for a new identity (1991–c.2004)
    • China (1949–c.2012)
      • Background: establishing the People’s Republic
      • Mao and the consolidation of the Revolution (1949–76)
      • The search for harmony (1976–89)
      • China resurgent (post-1990)
    • Changing world order (1945– )
      • The origins of the superpower rivalry
      • The nature of the Cold War
      • The end of the Cold War
      • The consequences of the Cold War
    • National self-determination in South-East Asia (1945– ) – Vietnam/Cambodia
      • The case for national self-determination
      • Building national identity
      • Significant individuals, groups and movements
      • New nation state: Vietnam
      • New nation state: Cambodia
  • Section 4 – Suggested answers