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SACE 2 Year 12

Legal Studies 1st Edition (2021)

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First Edition
Year 12 Publication
ISBN: 978‐1-925505-40-5
  • Peter Cavouras 
  • Danielle Cioffi 
  • John McCall 

The Essentials Workbooks and Key Ideas Textbooks are designed to support the teaching of SACE Stage 1 and 2 subjects in South Australia.

The SACE 2 Legal Studies Essentials Workbook 1st Edition (2021) is a new product that has been written to address the updated SACE 2 Subject Outline in Legal Studies for 2021. With an author team of Danielle Cioffi and John McCall, this new product consists of conceptual theory, questions, activities and links for the updates SACE 2 Legal Studies course.

More information to come closer to release date.

Due to the late release date of the SACE2 Legal Studies Subject Outline update for 2021; this resource is still being developed. There will be a staggered digital release of this resource as each section is complete:

  • Introduction and Topic 1 digital release – Available now
  • Topic 2 digital release – Available now
  • Topic 3 digital release – Available now
  • Full print release – late April 2021

To access an early digital release, please make a pre-order or contact us at [email protected] to arrange a pre-order.

Release date late-April 2021


Table of Contents

  • Introduction
    • Course Overview
    • Essential Skills
  • Focus Area 1: Sources of Law
    • Australian Legal System
    • Parliament
    • Legislation
    • Delegated Legislation
    • Court Hierachy and Case Law
    • Supervision of Lawmaking
    • Diverse Groups and Lawmaking
    • Evaluation of Sources of Law in Australia
  • Focus Area 2: Dispute Resolution
    • Features of the Adversary System
    • Resolving disputes with Trial
    • Key Features and Principles of Criminal and Civil Law
    • Inquisitorial Systems
    • Diverse Groups, Access to Justice, and the Adversary System
    • Evaluation of Dispute Resolution in Australia
  • Optional Area 1: The Constitution (Option Area)
    • The Origins of Australia’s Constitutional System
    • The Underlying Principles and Key Features of Australia’s Constitutional System
    • The Constitution and Australia’s Relationship with other countries
    • Diverse groups and individuals in the Australian community and the Constitution
    • Bill of Rights
    • An Australian Republic
    • Evaluation of Australia’s Constitutional System