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The MedEssentials-Essentials Education UMAT Coursebook Series is the flagship preparation resource for the 2017 UMAT. Developed by a team of medical students, full time UMAT coaches, and past students, it is a comprehensive guide covering the current trend of the UMAT. It caters for students hoping to learn the fundamental principles of the exam, all the way to experienced students who are revising and require a concise summary of all the core question types.

Featured is the most up to date material that has been adapted based on questions in past UMAT papers. It offers the best opportunity for students to work with realistic difficulty UMAT questions, and get feedback on their progress. More than 35% of candidates use this resource to prepare for their examinations.

All distinct question styles have been divided into separate books, which comprise the series:
– Section 1: Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving
– Section 2: Understanding people
– Section 3: Non-verbal reasoning

The answers have been worked out in detail, with examiner’s remarks included where most helpful. This is also the prescribed coursebook for the selective MedEssentials UMAT Masterclasses, and has been structured to follow its highly successful teaching principles. We are proud to offer the best quality teaching for the most important exam of aspiring doctors.

The new 2017 2nd edition includes:
– 50% extra questions based on 2016 UMAT format and question style
– Expansion of sectional guidelines
– Update on most relevant techniques and principles for new variation of problems

Study smart; prepare with confidence.

Year 12