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UMAT Essentials Coursebook – Section 3 Bundle (2nd Edition – 2017)

Year 12 Publication

ISBN: 978-1-921548-17-8

Author/s: MedEssentials

Unit Price: $44.00

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This joint publication by MedEssentials and Essentials Education has been specifically written to prepare students for the UMAT Examination.

The new 2nd Edition Bundle will include the Section 3 1st Edition questions along with the all new questions in the Section 3 2nd Edition.

Section 3:Non-verbal Reasoning

The staple learning material for aspiring doctors, dentists, and physiotherapists.

Non-verbal reasoning tests the candidate's ability to identify patterns based purely on shapes and pictures. In order to determine the solution, several hypotheses need to be generated and tests, so that all objects across the frames follow a consistent pattern. The styles of non-verbal reasoning questions are: “Next in Series”, “Complete the Diagram” and “Pick the Middle”.

Some patterns to consider are:
- Movement of elements
- Symmetry
- Rotation of elements
- Variation of size
- Arithmetic sequences
- Combination or elimination of shapes
- A cycling pattern of shapes
- Changes to shading or colour

UMAT Section 3 Sample Pages

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