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UMAT Essentials – Section 2 Bundle

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Second Edition
ISBN: 978-1-921548-91-8

Important notice

In 2019, the UMAT will be replaced by the UCAT – the University Clinical Aptitude Test. MedEssentials and Essentials Education are working to develop study materials for the new exam. Subscribe to our e-newsletter or email [email protected] to join the waiting list and be the first to find out about the books.


This joint publication by MedEssentials and Essentials Education has been specifically written to prepare students for the UMAT Examination.

Section 2: Understanding People

The staple learning material for aspiring doctors, dentists, and physiotherapists.

Questions in this section test the parameters of emotional intelligence, and the use of language. It is an important skill to have in medical practice to communicate effectively with colleagues, patients, and students. Increasingly, personal care has become central to good quality health care, and studies have linked medical professionalism with better outcomes.

Passages in Understanding People are based on texts or scenarios that depict an interpersonal scenarios. They may be between patients and doctors, and also non-medical settings. The candidate is tested on their ability to interpret and infer a person’s feelings, emotions, and behaviour based on the text.

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