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UMAT Essentials Coursebook – Section 1 Bundle

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Second Edition
ISBN: 978-1-925505-07-8

This joint publication by MedEssentials and Essentials Education has been specifically written to prepare students for the UMAT Examination.

The new 2nd Edition Bundle will include the Section 1 1st Edition questions along with the all new questions in the Section 1 2nd Edition

Section 1: Logical reasoning and problem solving

The staple learning material for aspiring doctors, dentists, and physiotherapists.

Logical reasoning and problem solving is oriented about testing candidates on their problem solving and critical thinking skills. The section asks students to reach a logical solution based on a stimulus provided to them. Key concepts involve a combination comprehending, analysing, synthesising information, and testing or validating hypotheses.

No curriculum specific knowledge is required to answer the questions, or arrive at the correct answer. However, some basic numeracy, logical and scientific skills are expected to perform well in this section.

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