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SACE 2 Year 12

Biology – Australian Curriculum – 1st Edition (Revised)

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First Edition Revised
Year 12 Publication
ISBN: 978-1-925505-20-7
  • Alan Crierie 
  • David Greig 
  • Simon Ruthven 

The Essentials Workbooks are designed to support the teaching of SACE Stage 1 and 2 subjects in South Australia. The SACE 2 Biology Workbook is designed to meet the Subject Outline requirements of the SACE Stage 2 Biology course.

Essentials Education’s workbook for the SACE Stage 2 Biology integration of the Australian Curriculum. This new book has been specifically designed for the South Australian requirements. This is a must-have resource for students undertaking SACE Stage 2 Biology.

This is the revised first edition which incorporates the latest SACE changes from the addendum. Click here to download a PDF with details about the differences between the first edition and the revised first edition.

Written by highly respected authors and teachers, Alan Crierie, David Greig and Simon Ruthven.

1.7 Practical and Lab Notes


SACE2AC Biology Design and Deconstruct


  • BiologyConceptVideo

    Concept Videos

    New for the SACE2AC Biology Workbook, Essentials Education presents an entire series of videos dedicated to the new SACE2 Biology course. Resources can be seen throughout the book where you see the Essentials Concept Video (ECV) icon.

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    How to spot resources

    Lookout for this icon throughout your SACE2AC Biology Workbook and scan the QR code to link directly to the relevant resource video.

Table of Contents

  • Topic 1 – DNA and proteins
    • Chapter 1.1 DNA structure
    • Chapter 1.2 DNA and protein synthesis
    • Chapter 1.3 Structure and function of proteins
    • Chapter 1.4 Enzymes
    • Chapter 1.5 Gene expression
    • Chapter 1.6 Mutations
    • Chapter 1.7 Biotechnology: tools and techniques
    • Chapter 1.8 Biotechnology: applications
    • Answers and laboratory notes
    • Topic test and answers
  • Topic 2 – Cells as the basis of life
    • Chapter 2.1 The cell theory
    • Chapter 2.2 Two types of cells
    • Chapter 2.3 Energy transformations
    • Chapter 2.4 Movement of substances
    • Chapter 2.5 Cell metabolism
    • Chapter 2.6 Binary fission and mitotic division
    • Chapter 2.7 Meiotic division
    • Chapter 2.8 Control of cell division
    • Answers and laboratory notes
    • Topic test and answers
  • Topic 3 – Homeostasis
    • Chapter 3.1 Maintaining the internal environment
    • Chapter 3.2 The nervous system
    • Chapter 3.3 The endocrine system
    • Chapter 3.4 Comparing nervous and endocrine systems
    • Answers and laboratory notes
    • Topic test and answers
  • Topic 4 – Evolution
    • Chapter 4.1 The origin of life on Earth
    • Chapter 4.2 Comparative genomics
    • Chapter 4.3 Reproductive isolation
    • Chapter 4.4 Genetic variation
    • Chapter 4.5 Evolutionary change
    • Chapter 4.6 Convergent and divergent evolution
    • Chapter 4.7 Human impact
    • Answers and laboratory notes
    • Topic test and answers
  • Appendix
  • Glossary

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