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SACE 1 Year 11

Economics Key Ideas

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Second Edition
Year 11 Publication
ISBN: 978-1-925505-17-7
  • Dianne Averis 

Our new Key Ideas Textbook for SACE 1 Economics is specifically written to prepare students for the SACE Economics Subject Outline. A huge array of activities and a user-friendly approach make the Second Edition an extremely valuable tool for students and teachers alike.


Table of Contents

  • Section: The Economic Problem
    • Introduction to Economics
    • The Economic Problem
    • Costs and Benefits
    • Production Possibility Analysis
    • Introduction to the Share Market
    • Economic Systems
  • Section: The Market Mechanism
    • The Determination of Price
    • Market Failure
    • The Circular Flow Model
  • Section: National Economic Issues
    • Inflation
    • Employment and Unemployment
  • Section: Global Economic Issues
    • Trade in a Global Economy
    • Economic Development