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SACE 2 Year 12

Physical Education

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Fourth Edition
Year 12 Publication
ISBN: 978-1-921548-94-9
  • Chris Hodgson 
  • Andrew Wilson 
  • Neil McNaughton 

The Essentials Workbooks are designed to support the teaching of SACE Stage 1 and 2 subjects in South Australia.  The SACE 2 Physical Education Workbook is designed to meet the Subject Outline requirements of the SACE Stage 2 Physical Education course.

The Physical Education Fourth Edition Workbook features new questions, revised diagrams, artwork and two-colour layout. A must-have resource for SACE 2 students studying Physical Education.

Table of Contents

  • Module A: Exercise Physiology and Physical Activity
    • Topic 1: Energy Sources for Physical Performance
      • Sources of Nutrients, Fats, Carbohydrates and Proteins
      • Chemical Breakdown of Nutrients
      • Aerobic and Anaerobic Energy
      • Contribution of Energy Systems for Specific Activities
      • Acute Responses to Exercise
    • Topic 2: Training and Evaluation of Physical Performance
      • Chronic Responses to Aerobic and Anaerobic Training
      • Analysis of Energy Demands of Sport and Training Prescriptions
      • Measurement and Monitoring of Fitness Relevant to Performance
      • Training Principles and Methods Specific to Fitness Factors and to Physical Activities
    • Topic 3: How Can Specific Physiological Factors Affect Performance?
      • Body Stature, Composition (Somatotype) and Gender
      • Environmental Considerations and Performance (Heat/Cold & Altitude)
      • Nutrition and Physical Performance
      • Fatigue and Physical Performance
  • Module B: Skill Acquisition and Biomechanics of Movement
    • Topic 4: How Skill is Acquired
      • The Definition and Descriptions of Learning Styles
      • The Classification of Skills
      • The Characteristics of a Skilled Performer
      • The Learning Process in Acquiring Physical Skills and Models of Learning
      • Stages of Learning
    • Topic 5: Specific Factors Affecting Learning
      • The Nature of the Task
      • Practice and Feedback
      • Environmental Factors
      • Characteristics of the Learner
      • Retention of Learning
      • Timing and Anticipation
    • Topic 6: Psychology of Learning and Performance of Physical Skills
      • Goal-Setting
      • Feedback, Communication and Performance
      • Arousal, Anxiety and Performance
      • Visualisation
      • Self-Esteem
      • Models of Coaching
    • Topic 7: Biomechanics and Skilled Performance
      • Motion: Linear. Rotational, Combination and Projectile
      • Speed and Velocity
      • Summation of Forces, Direction and Impacts
      • Leverage
      • Newton’s Law of Motion
      • Centre of Mass: Balance and Stability
      • Equilibrium: Static and Dynamic
      • Improved Technology and Performance
      • Appendices
      • Answers to Questions:
      • Focus Question Answers
      • Review Question Answers
      • References
      • Index