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SACE 2 Year 12

English Literary Studies

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Critical Reading
First Edition
Year 12 Publication
ISBN: 978-1-925505-15-3
  • Shane Crilly 

2020 Booklist

Students/teachers ordering for 2020, please be aware that a second edition will be available in December 2019. You can see information about this new edition here.

The SACE 2 English Literary Studies Critical Reading Workbook is designed to help Year 12 students prepare for their SACE Stage 2 exam.

This workbook is a new resource that incorporates the requirements of the new Australian Curriculum English Literary Studies course. It is suitable for students undertaking SACE Stage 2 English Literary Studies in 2019.

Included in the Critical Reading workbook

Students taking Year 12 English Literary Studies can use this workbook to learn:

  • the requirements of the exam
  • what techniques and features to look for in your readings
  • how to analyse those techniques
  • effective ways to respond to questions.