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SACE1 Physics Workbook (Australian Curriculum) – First Edition

Year 11 Publication

ISBN: 978-1-925505-03-0

Author/s: Maria Caruso

Unit Price: $55.00

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Available now: Essentials Education's workbook for the SACE Stage 1 Physics integration of the Australian Curriculum. This new book has been specifically designed for the South Australian requirements, and includes content overviews, examples, and topic tests. The workbook addresses all six topics of the SACE Stage 1 Physics course: Linear Motion and Forces, Electric Circuits, Heat, Energy and Momentum, Waves, Nuclear Models and Radioactivity.

Written by experienced teacher and author - Maria Caruso

Click here to view a sample chapter of the workbook

It has recently come to our attention that there were some printing errors in Topic 1 of the SACE1 AC Physics Workbook. We apologise for any confusion and they will be fixed up in the revised edition of the print run in late 2017. Corrected version of Topic 1 can be found here: SACE1 AC Physics Workbook - Topic 1 & Solutions Addendum.


Topic 1: Linear Motion and Forces

1.1            Motion under constant acceleration
1.2            Forces

Topic 2: Electric Circuits

2.1        Potential difference and electric current
2.2        Resistance
2.3        Circuit analysis
2.4        Electrical power

Topic 3: Heat

3.1       Heat and temperature
3.2       Specific heat capacity
3.3       Change of state

Topic 4: Energy and Momentum

4.1       Energy
4.2      Momentum

Topic 5: Waves

5.1       Wave model
5.2       Mechanical waves
5.3       Light

Topic 6: Nuclear Models and Radioactivity

6.1       The nucleus
6.2       Radioactive decay
6.3       Radioactive half-life
6.4       Induced nuclear reactions


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