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SACE 2 Nutrition Workbook Fifth Edition

Year 12 Publication

ISBN: 978-1-921548-23-9

Author/s: Karen Magee & Meredith Oliver

Unit Price: $52.00

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The Essentials Workbooks are designed to support the teaching of SACE Stage 1 and 2 subjects in South Australia. The SACE 2 Nutrition Workbook is designed to meet the Subject Outline requirements of the SACE Stage 2 Nutrition course.

The Fifth Edition features updated examples and new two-colour layout. An essential for all SACE Stage 2 Nutrition students.

SACE 2 Nutrition Workbook 5th Edition sample pages


Table of Contents

 Topic 1  Human Nutrition: the fundamentals  1
The essentials Nutrients required for good health  1
Carbohydrates  1
Proteins 12
Lipids (fats) 19
Micronutrients 22
Vitamins 22
Minerals 33
Calculating the distribution of macronutrients 42
Digestion, metabolism and absorption of nutrients 45
Malabsorption syndromes 48
Energy: metabolism 50
Energy: storage and balance 52
Topic 2 Health: diet and lifestyle 55
Diet-related disorders 55
Obesity 56
Cardiovascular disease(s) 59
Hypertension (high blood pressure) 63
Non-insulin dependent diabetes, Type II (diabetes mellitus) 67
Diseases that are related to, or are a consequence of, under-nutrition 69
Insufficient water intake 77
Dietary guidelines for Australians 79
The Australian Guide to Healthy Eating 2013 80
Foods to Limit: Discretionary Choices 83
Topic 3 Diet evaluation and food selection 91
Physiological status and nutrition 91
Physiological triggers and food selection - values, beliefs and attitudes 96
Socio-economic status - economic factors influencing dietary intake 101
Causes and effects of disordered eating 106
Retention of nutrients in food selection and preparation 108
Recipe modifications to promote healthy eating 109
Behaviour modifications to improve nutritional outcome 111
Topic 4 Consumers: food and nutrition 115
Ensuring a safe and nutritionally sound food supply 115
Contamination 116
Maintaining freshness, quality and nutritive vale for as long as possible 119
Natural toxicants in food 119
Preserving foods 123
Consumer protection practices 128
Packaging: traditional and contemporary packaging 140
Caring for food, preparing and storing it safely 148
Topic 5 Ecological sustainability and nutrition 151
How the environment influences food production 151
The impact on the environment due to current food production methods 151
The impact on the environment of food processing and manufacture 155
Food processing and manufacturing's effects on society 158
Food security and sustainability 160
Topic 6 Global food shortages 169
Effects of famine on the health of individuals and communities 169
World hunger and malnutrition 172
Effects on politics and economic decisions on food security 174
Food wastage from a world perspective 175
Effects of social structure on hunger, malnutrition and famine 176
Economic effects of food shortages 178
Effects of education on hunger, malnutrition and famine 187
Long-term solutions to hunger and famine 191
Topic 7 The practical component 203
Investigation questions and hypotheses 204
Designing investigations 205
Conducting investigations 207
Information and data 208
Interpretation and evaluation 213
Topic 8 Guideline answers 214
Topic 1: Human nutrition - the fundamentals 215
Topic 2: Health - diet and lifestyle 222
Topic 3: Diet evaluation and food selection 227
Topic 4: Consumers, food and nutrition 229
Topic 5: Ecological sustainability and nutrition 231
Topic 6: Global food shortages 232
Glossary of terms 239
Bibliography 243
Index 245

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