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SACE1 Chemistry Workbook (Australian Curriculum) – First Edition

Year 11 Publication

ISBN: 978-1-925505-02-3

Author/s: Rhys Lewis, Kate Morgante, Luke Starczak

Unit Price: $55.00

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Available now - Essentials Education's workbook for the SACE Stage 1 Chemistry integration of the Australian Curriculum. This new book has been specifically designed for the South Australian requirements. Students undertaking SACE Stage 1 Chemistry in 2017 will need to purchase this new workbook.

The writers are an experienced group of respected teachers and authors, including:
Rhys Lewis
Kate Morgante
Luke Starczak

Click here to view a sample chapter of the new workbook

Content includes:

1.      Materials and their Atoms  
1.1      Properties and uses of materials
1.1.1   Nanomaterials
1.1.2   Mixtures and their separation
1.2      Atomic structure
1.2.1   Structure of atom, emission and absorption spectra
1.2.2   Atomic number, mass number and isotopes
1.2.3   Electron configuration (shell and sub-shell configuration)
1.3      Quantities of atoms
1.3.1   Avogadro’s Number and the mole unit
1.3.2   Relative atomic mass
1.3.3   Amount of substance and the mole
1.4      The periodic table
1.4.1   Introduction to the periodic table
1.4.2   Identifying trends in the periodic table
1.4.3   The s, p, d, and f blocks of the periodic table
Summary Test 1  


2.        Combinations of Atoms (Combining Atoms)  
2.1      Types of materials
2.1.1   Types of bonding and physical properties
2.1.2   Changes of state and energy
2.1.3   Physical properties of chemical compounds
2.2      Bonding between atoms
2.2.1   Metallic bonding
2.2.2   Ionic bonding
2.2.3   Covalent bonding
2.2.4   Electronegativity, polar and non-polar covalent bonding
2.2.5   Covalent bonding in molecular and non-molecular (continuous) substances
2.2.6   Physical properties of continuous covalent substances
2.3      Quantities of molecules and ions
2.3.1   Percentage composition of elements in compounds
2.3.2   Empirical and molecular formulae
Summary Test 2  


3.        Molecules  
3.1      Molecule polarity
3.1.1   Shapes of molecules
3.1.2   Molecule polarity
3.2      Interactions between molecules
3.2.1   Physical properties of molecular substances
3.2.2   Primary bonds and secondary interactions
3.2.3   Factors influencing the strength of secondary interactions
3.2.4   Dispersion forces / dipole-dipole interactions / hydrogen bonding
3.3     Hydrocarbons
3.3.1   Hydrocarbons as fuels and as feedstock for the chemical industry
3.3.2   Size and physical properties of hydrocarbons
3.3.3   Chemical properties of hydrocarbons and functional groups
3.3.4   Representation of hydrocarbon molecules
3.3.5   Systematic nomenclature of hydrocarbons
3.3.6   Organic molecules and functional groups
3.4      Polymers
3.4.1   Repeating units and structural formula
3.4.2   Addition polymers
3.4.3   Plastics: thermoplastic and thermosetting
Summary Test 3  
4.      Mixtures & Solutions  
4.1      Miscibility and solutions
4.1.1   Polar and non-polar solvents
4.1.2   Solubility of polar and non-polar molecules
4.1.3   Emulsifiers
4.2      Solutions of ionic substances
4.2.1   Ion-dipole interactions and dissociation reactions
4.2.2   Precipitation reactions
4.3      Quantities in reactions
4.3.1   Writing and balancing chemical equations
4.3.2   Molar concentration and mass concentration
4.3.3   Stoichiometric calculations for precipitation reactions
4.4      Energy in reactions
4.4.1   Exothermic and endothermic reactions
4.4.2   Enthalpy of solution
4.4.3   Enthalpy changes for solution reactions can be determined experimentally
Summary Test 4  


5.        Acids & Bases  
5.1      Proton transfer theory
5.1.1   Ionisation reactions and Arrhenius theory
5.1.2   Conjugate acids and bases
5.1.3   Indicators
5.1.4   Monoprotic and polyprotic acids
5.2      Reactions of acids and bases
5.2.1   Formation of acids from non-metal oxides
5.2.2   Formation of alkaline solutions from reaction of metal oxides and water
5.2.3   Neutralisation reactions
5.2.4   Strength of acids and bases
5.3      The pH scale
5.3.1   The pH scale
5.3.2   pH calculations
5.3.3   Acid rain
Summary Test 5  


6.      Redox Reactions Metal Reactivity  
6.1      Concepts of oxidation and reduction
6.1.1   Redox reactions
6.1.2   Redox half-equations and oxidation numbers
6.1.3   Balancing redox half-equations in acidic solution
6.2      Metal reactivity
6.2.1   Ionisation energy and reactivity of metals
6.2.2   Metal reactivity series and single displacement reactions
6.2.3   Reactions of active metals and dilute acids
6.3      Electrochemistry
6.3.1   Introduction
6.3.2   Galvanic cells
6.3.3   Rechargeable galvanic cells
6.3.4   Electrolytic cells
Summary Test 6  


7.        Science Inquiry Skills  
7.1      The Scientific method
7.1.1   Investigation design
7.2      Conducting investigations
7.3      Investigation presentation of results
7.4      Scientific conventions
7.5      Analysis of data
7.6      Critical evaluation of procedures and outcomes of investigation
Summary Test 7  


8.        Solutions to Chapter Questions  
Chapter 1: Materials and their atoms
Chapter 2: Combinations of atoms (combining atoms)
Chapter 3: Molecules
Chapter 4: Mixtures and olutions
Chapter 5: Acids and bases
Chapter 6: Redox reactions metal reactivity
Chapter 7: Science inquiry skills


9         Solutions to Summary Tests  
Test 1: Materials and their atoms
Test 2: Combinations of atoms (combining atoms)
Test 3: Molecules
Test 4: Mixtures and solutions
Test 5: Acids and bases
Test 6: Redox reactions metal reactivity
Test 7: Science inquiry skills


1.     Atomic weights
2.     Periodic table
3      SI prefixes and their values


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