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SACE2 Biology (Australian Curriculum) Workbook – First Edition

Year 12 Publication

ISBN: 978-1-925505-04-7

Author/s: Alan Crierie, David Greig and Simon Ruthven

Unit Price: $54.00

This product will be released in November 2017.


Following the success of the Essentials STAGE1AC Biology, Chemistry and Physics Workbooks, the authors are now well advanced with similar Workbooks for STAGE2AC. Complimentary copies of these will be available to those teachers who attend the SACE Workshops in Term 2.

Topic 1 DNA and proteins
Chapter 1.1 DNA structure
Chapter 1.2 DNA and protein synthesis
Chapter 1.3 Structure and function of proteins
Chapter 1.4 Enzymes
Chapter 1.5 Gene expression
Chapter 1.6 Mutations
Chapter 1.7 Biotechnology: tools and techniques
Chapter 1.8 Biotechnology: applications
Answers and Laboratory Notes
Topic Test and answers
Topic 2 Cells as the basis of life
Chapter 2.1 The cell theory
Chapter 2.2 Two types of cells
Chapter 2.3 Energy transformations
Chapter 2.4 Movement of substances
Chapter 2.5 Cell metabolism
Chapter 2.6 Binary fission and mitotic division
Chapter 2.7 Meiotic division
Chapter 2.8 Control of cell division
Answers and Laboratory Notes
Topic Test and answers
Topic 3 Homeostasis
Chapter 3.1 Maintaining the internal environment
Chapter 3.2 The nervous system
Chapter 3.3 The endocrine system
Chapter 3.4 Comparing nervous and endocrine systems
Answers and Laboratory Notes
Topic Test and answers
Topic 4 Evolution
Chapter 4.1 The origin of life on Earth
Chapter 4.2 Comparative genomics
Chapter 4.3 Reproductive isolation
Chapter 4.4 Genetic variation
Chapter 4.5 Evolutionary change
Chapter 4.6 Convergent and divergent evolution
Chapter 4.7 Human impact
Answers and Laboratory Notes
Topic Test and answers


Sample Pages SACE2AC Biology Workbook

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