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SACE1 Biology Workbook B (Australian Curriculum) – First Edition

Year 11 Publication

ISBN: 978-1-925505-01-6

Author/s: Alan Crierie, David Greig and Simon Ruthven

Unit Price: $42.00

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Available now - Essentials Education's Biology Workbooks for the SACE Stage 1 Biology integration of the Australian Curriculum, specifically designed for the South Australian requirements. The workbooks are in stock now, ready for students taking SACE Stage 1 Biology in 2017.

Written by very experienced authors and teachers Alan Crierie, David Greig and Simon Ruthven, these two workbooks (Workbook A and Workbook B) cover all of the content of the recently revised Year 11 (SACE Stage 1) Biology course in a series of chapters as outlined below. The workbooks are also available in a combined edition.

Click here to view a sample chapter of SACE 1 Biology Workbook B

In addition to addressing the theoretical concepts required, these comprehensive workbooks also provide a variety of written exercises and activities. The appendix for each topic contains suggested answers for students and useful guidance for teachers. There is also a comprehensive glossary of important terms.

Workbook B includes:

Topic 3         Multicellular organisms

Chapter 3.1        The process of cellular differentiation

Chapter 3.2        Multicellular organisms have a hierarchical organisation

Chapter 3.3        Multicellular organisms exchange materials with their environment

Chapter 3.4        In plants gas exchange is facilitated in the leaf

Chapter 3.5        The digestive system in animals

Chapter 3.6        The excretory system in animals

Chapter 3.7        The circulatory system in animals

Chapter 3.8        The transpiration system in plants



Topic 4 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics

Chapter 4.1        Biodiversity is the variety of all living things

Chapter 4.2        Biological classification indicates the relationship between organisms

Chapter 4.3        Organisms have adaptations

Chapter 4.4        Ecosystems can be diverse

Chapter 4.5        The biotic and abiotic components of ecosystems interact

Chapter 4.6        Ecosystems include populations that fill a specific ecological niche

Chapter 4.7        Ecosystems can change over time

Chapter 4.8        Humans have significant impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity



Appendices Sample

Workbook Topic Test Sample

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